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Passive Electronic Locking Applications for Wind Farms

Street Light Box Intelligent Lock Management

Guarantee the safety of urban street light operation, improve operational efficiency, and realise the information management of street light operation safety.

Street Lighting Smart Lock Solution

Intelligent Locking Control Management for Hydropower Stations

Through high-tech technical means, the keys, locks, personnel, switch lock time for unified management, so as to achieve the closed-loop management of safety operation data traceability, is an effective guarantee for the safe operation of hydropower stations.

hydroelectric power plant

Traffic Signal Box Intelligent Lock Control Management

Achieve the complete matching of people, locks and time, and form the big data management of the lock control of the traffic system.

Traffic signal light box

Intelligent Lock Management for Water and Fire Protection

Passive electronic locks in the process of unlocking with the electronic key, can effectively record the inspection and maintenance personnel unlocking time, around the actual, inspection of the environmental state of the restoration of the fire inspection management provides a strong basis.

Water and fire protection

Vending Machine Smart Lock Management

Intelligent passive electronic lock completes mechanical action and data storage; intelligent fingerprint Bluetooth key realises personnel identification, power supply to the lock and data transmission; mobile phone APP communicates with intelligent fingerprint Bluetooth key to realise remote authorisation operation and data remote upload.

vending machine

Power Distribution Cabinet Intelligent Lock Management

It helps power plants to build a scientific maintenance management system, which makes the workflow more rigorous and clearer and allows for better management by strengthening safety management and reducing the equipment failure rate.

Street Lighting Smart Lock Solution

Tower Base Station Smart Lock Management

With high-security intelligent passive electronic locks, it ensures the safety of communication operation of tower base stations, improves operational efficiency, and realises the information management of communication safety.

base stations

Intelligent Lock Management for Railway Protection Network

Passive lock system can be used both for the scientific management of inspection work, but also for the key door (equipment) lock control management, for the railway safety production added a strong guarantee.


Intelligent Lock Management for Wind Power Generation

Together with the high-security intelligent passive electronic locks, it can guarantee the safety of on-site operation, improve the operation efficiency, and realise the information management of distribution network operation safety. Data integration can effectively eliminate information silos, solve data uniqueness and future application expansion.

wind power station

Intelligent Lock Control Management for Prison Security

Ensuring security and stability in prisons is important for maintaining social stability and safeguarding people's lives and property.

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